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Why a lawsuit can be a smart move after a Maine car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most people prefer to avoid going to court if at all possible. Many people never have to set foot in a civil, family or criminal court because they avoid conflict and criminal infractions. However, some people end up in a scenario in which going to court may be the best option for their interests. Those injured in a car crash caused by another’s negligence, for example, might need to take the matter to civil court. A personal injury lawsuit can help someone hurt in a car crash pay for their medical care and otherwise reduce the financial costs they incur because of the crash.

Although people are sometimes skeptical about the need for litigation when someone gets hurt, there are a couple of reasons why filing a personal injury lawsuit is potentially the best option available for someone hurt in a collision through little or no fault of their own.

There are no restrictive policy limits

Most minor car crashes lead to insurance claims. The people injured in the crash can file a claim against the policy carried by the driver who caused the wreck. Insurance can reimburse people for expenses including lost wages, hospital bills, future medical care expenses and even property damage losses.

Maine does have a relatively robust car insurance statute. The law requires more coverage than the statutes in many other states. Drivers have to carry a minimum of $25,000 in property damage coverage. They also have to carry liability coverage in case they hurt someone else if the crash injures one person, the policy should provide at least $50,000 in coverage. If the crash injures two or more people, then the minimum amount of coverage available should increase to $100,000.

Unfortunately, when someone has catastrophic losses or when there are multiple people hurt, the available coverage may not be sufficient. Unlike insurance claims, personal injury lawsuits are not subject to policy limits. People can seek reimbursement for all of the expenses generated in the collision.

A judgment can give a sense of justice

When a crash forever affects someone’s quality of life and finances, they may feel victimized by the party who caused the collision. People often turn to the court in hopes of justice, but state prosecutors do not always bring charges against those who cause collisions.

Even when they do, a sentence of probation may not seem adequate for those permanently impacted by a wreck. Those who pursue a successful personal injury lawsuit may feel a sense of justice and vindication after the courts rule in their favor. Not only can they create consequences for the party that caused their injuries, but they also have a court ruling declaring that party at fault for the incident.

Contemplating a personal injury lawsuit is often a reasonable response to a preventable crash that leads to significant injuries and other losses as a result of another’s harmful actions or inactions.