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How can people arrange to file uncontested divorces in Maine?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2023 | Divorce

Spouses in Maine can end up battling in court over who keeps the home and how they split parenting time with their children during a contested divorce process. The more matters that people need to present to a Maine family law judge, the more costly their divorce will likely become.

Yet, many people prefer a low-conflict approach, which involves filing an uncontested divorce. Spouses who agree with one another on all of the important matters concerning their divorce can file uncontested divorces where a judge reviews and approves their terms instead of setting terms on behalf of the family.

How do couples in Maine achieve uncontested divorces?

They negotiate a marital agreement

Some people sign prenuptial agreements during an engagement so that they don’t have to worry about a messy divorce. They may set certain expectations for the marriage and also outline what will happen with their property if they file for divorce in the future. People can also sign postnuptial agreements after getting married. Marital agreements can very effectively help guide people toward uncontested divorces, provided that both spouses still recognize the agreement as valid.

They agree to collaborative divorce

Couples who want to work out matters on their own may sign a contract promising to do so. A written agreement is often the starting point for collaborative divorce. Spouses may then negotiate with one another or through their lawyers to work out their disagreements and reach a decision that both feel would be appropriate regarding the division of their assets and their parental responsibilities.

They sit down with a mediator

Collaborative divorces sometimes require outside professionals, including divorce mediators. Those who have not signed a collaboration agreement can also request divorce mediation as a way to settle disagreements about major matters in their divorces. Mediation requires the help of an outside professional in addition to the lawyers of the two spouses. That mediator can help them explore their current disagreement and work their way toward a compromise. Successful mediation results in a signed agreement that will then guide the major decisions for their upcoming divorce.

Whatever approach spouses take, filing an uncontested divorce ultimately requires that they agree on all of the major matters concerning the legal and financial end of their marriages. Considering each option for achieving an uncontested divorce in Maine may benefit those who want to keep their divorce private or minimize how much conflict a divorce ultimately creates.