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2 basic rules to understand when planning a Maine divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Divorce

Even those in truly unhappy marriages may find the idea of filing for divorce quite intimidating. They may stay in an unhealthy situation because they fear the worst if they tried to end their marriage.

When you don’t understand the legal process of marital dissolution or divorce, it certainly can feel overwhelming. Once you understand the basic rules that apply to Maine divorces, you will feel more competent about making a decision about your marriage and more confident about the potential outcome.

How Maine handles property division

For many couples, what will happen with their personal property and also their debt is the most pressing concern. One spouse may worry that they will end up with next to nothing if they divorce, possibly because they have been a stay-at-home parent.

Understanding the state law that governs property division can make the process more understandable. Maine family law judges must seek a just or equitable way to divide property and debts from a marital estate.

Your income, unpaid contributions to the household, separate property and even your health, as well as numerous other factors, can play a role in what a judge feels is a just and reasonable division of your marital belongings and obligations. While you can’t necessarily predict the outcome, you can move forward knowing that the goal is a fair solution and that you can potentially share most property and income.

How Maine handles custody matters

When a divorcing couple shares children, the custody decisions will likely be the most pressing aspect of the divorce. If parents can’t agree about how to share custody, then a judge will divide their parenting time and other responsibilities based on what they believe is in the best interests of the children.

Judges typically prefer to keep both parents involved unless one parent has evidence to support their claim that the other could present a risk to the children. You will likely share parenting time and authority with your ex after a divorce.

Despite the numerous horror stories that circulate about modern divorce, you should not have to worry about losing everything or becoming alienated from your children due to biased custody proceedings. When you understand the laws that govern divorce in Maine, you may feel more comfortable considering the end of your marriage.